Resurrect My Way



February, 9, 2011


Righteousness  Righteousness

Is what I declare upon the mountaintops

Righteousness Righteousness

Is what I declare throughout the earth


Heathen ways Heathen past times

Heathen fortitudes Heathen structures

need to be torn down

Down to the ground

The towers of Baal

Down to the ground


All self-righteousness

Forever disgraced

Forever put asunder

Such poles of asherah

I plan to plunder


Through you My beloveds

through you

You are My righteousness on the earth

you are My kingdom on this earth

you are My beloveds on the earth


Arise and set My Kingdom Afire

       let it shine beyond every light upon this earth

alight my children alight


My Fires

My Dominion

My Kingdom

My plight


Resurrect the ancient way

Resurrect My way

Resurrect Yahweh

Resurrect Yahweh My Children


My Beloved My Bride

Increase your time with Me

Enhance the depths of your prayer time

Touch My very core and allow Me to light you on fire


Let My fire burn deep

burn bright throughout your day

Let My fire disinfect you from the things of this world...

from the things that distract you from our time together


Come to Me Beloveds

and let us take this kingdom



Scripture references:

James 1:17

Phil. 1:6

Jeremiah 10:1-5

Deut. 16:21-22

Deut. 7:26

Eph. 5:5-14

Ex. 20:5

Matthew 6:24

Psalm 90:12

2 Tim. 3:4

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