The Founders/Producers:

Mitch and Rozalie Jerome

As a second-generation Holocaust survivor,
Rozalie’s Jewish heritage includes parents who were
protected from the Nazis by Christians.
Yet, for more than a decade, Mitch and Rozalie
searched for meaning in life in the new age movement.

But after returning to their Judeo-Christian roots,
they discovered G-d’s purpose for their lives:
to rebuild bridges between Christians and Jews.
Now, through TV, radio, the Internet,
speaking engagements, the Healing Room,
and print and video resources, they are reuniting
Jews and Christians in fulfillment of biblical prophecy.


I was born to loving parents in New Jersey and raised as a “traditional” Conservative Jew; celebrating Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur and Passover.  I remember my friends playing sports after school while I attended five years of Hebrew school preparing for my Bar Mitzvah.

I graduated with an Economics degree from the University of Vermont but my hunger for finding “purpose and meaning” consumed me.  I left my career management training from the Hartford Insurance company to study Yoga and Meditation.   I lived in New York City for several years then moved to a “commune” in the hills of Mexico where 50 disciples from around the world joined hands and continued in our Yoga lifestyle.

I Met my wife Rozalie in Mexico and began our family with the birth of our first daughter.  We moved back to the United States to join in the “rat race” and had our second daughter.  We have been blessed with a wonderful family.

To support our family, I've been an entrepreneur with several businesses over the years. Since 1990 have worked as an independent insurance agent. God has blessed our efforts.

Righteous Christians helped expose the true God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and give rebirth to my Jewish beliefs. I love studying the Hebraic roots and watching biblical prophecy unfolds.  Hosting the Crossover TV program has enabled us to capture the move of God as He brings Jews and Christians together as one new man.


This project is not about Mitch and I, but for those of you who are interested about who's behind this....Here goes:

I am a first-generation American, second-generation Holocaust Survivor, born to Jewish parents who were hidden in various locations for one year by Christians during Hitler's occupation of Hungary.

My father spoke seven languages, was a textile engineer, movie producer, and owner of a few factories...all of which were taken first by the Nazis and then later by the communists.  The Communists "let" him manage his companies...while giving him minimum wage. Due to the continued post-war anti-Semitic climate in Europe, my father converted to Catholicism.  My parents, along with my brothers and sisters, escaped the Communists during the Hungarian Revolution in 1956 and immigrated to New York in 1957.

My mother became ill upon arrival, and as a new immigrant, my father couldn't care for us, and seek employment at the same time.  Hence, we were placed in an orphanage and then in separate foster homes with the Jewish Child Care Association.

A wonderful family on Long Island raised me.  Since I was one year old and grew up with regular monthly visits and excursions with my father and siblings, I thought everyone had two sets of parents and siblings!

I attended five years of Hebrew school in a Conservative temple and was a Bat Mitzvah at age 12.  
I attended high school in Geneva, Switzerland at L'Ecole Internationale de Geneve.  After I graduated, I became a Yogi and helped run yoga centers for ten years in Geneva, Paris, Montreal, Val Morin and Mexico.

I met Mitch in Mexico, and we've been married for 27 years.  Our 2 daughters and our niece who grew up in our home have now left the nest and are very successful in their personal and professional lives.

We had been studying the Jewish Roots of Christianity and we recognized the importance for the Jewish community to get back to their own Jewish roots as well.  For 15 years, I departed from my Jewish roots by following the pagan New Age Movement. It took a group of Evangelical Christians celebrating the Sabbath and other "Jewish" things to provoke me to jealousy and to bring me back to the practice and appreciation of my own Biblical Jewish roots.

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*In both the Jewish and Christian traditions, the name of G-d is treated with honor and respect.  In the Jewish tradition, in order to show respect, the name of the L-rd is written without a vowel.  The idea is that if a document with His name on it is destroyed or deleted, His name will be spared because it was not written out fully.


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