So...what the heck is a "Healing Room"? 

Step 1 - Sign In

The first thing we ask you to do is fill out a visitor form to the greeter/testimony table in the hallway. Please return your completed form with the clipboard to the greeter/testimony table. Your greeter will create a small card with the specific focus of today's session to be used in the Soaking Room.

Step 2 - The Soaking Room

A coordinator will escort you to the Soaking Room.

Here you can encounter and enjoy the L-rd's presence in an atmosphere of gentle worship. Expect extraordinary things to happen as you relax and begin to receive from Him - often our healing ministers receive inspiration from the L-rd for you or scriptures that are pertinent to your situation. We have many testimonies of healing from this room alone.

Please make yourself at home. You are free to enjoy the music, read the Bible, or find a scripture from one of our scripture cards on the table that sticks out to you and meditate on it - claim it for yourself.

Sit back and allow one of our healing ministers to gently touch you on the shoulder and ask the Holy Spirit to heal the need that you have specified on your visitor's card that will be placed on the back of your chair.

Step 3 - The Healing Room

The coordinator will escort you from the Soaking Room to the Healing Room. There you will receive personal ministry from our Healing Room Team of three. You will spend 10 to 20 minutes in here. The leader will administer communion to you as well as guide you through the session. Here the team works with the authority given to us by the Holy Spirit to speak to your situation. The "support" person will be praying and interceding for the leader to hear from G-d, while the third member of our team, the "servant" is there to see to your comfort and will also be documenting the events in the room.

Step 4 - Testimony and Follow Up

Once you have received prayer, the coordinator will then accompany you to the greeter/testimony table where we'd love to record any breakthrough you have received and offer you some useful follow up information.

For your convenience, in the lobby we have books and soaking CD's available to purchase for you to help maintain and/or continue your healing needs.

As a gift to you, make sure to take our "How To Steward Your Healing" packet.

With any donation you will receive a free soaking CD. Your donations help with our rent, Healing Room supplies, training, and media production.

Come and Receive your Healing...

Our team fasts and prays an hour before you come every Tuesday...we are pressing in for your answered prayer....

Our hope is that your visit will be a pleasurable and life changing encounter with the goodness of G-d

Come on Tuesday anytime between 7 and 9 pm at The Nathaniel Center in Kingwood

804 Russell Palmer Rd.

Kingwood, TX. 77339

Call Rozalie for any further questions at 832.287.5057

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Contact Us

For more information, please contact Mitch or Rozalie Jerome TODAY!

832.287.5057 #mobile
877.898.1277 #toll-free


The Crossover Project
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*In both the Jewish and Christian traditions, the name of G-d is treated with honor and respect.  In the Jewish tradition, in order to show respect, the name of the L-rd is written without a vowel.  The idea is that if a document with His name on it is destroyed or deleted, His name will be spared because it was not written out fully.


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Receive a FREE monthly podcast when you become a Crossover Insider


The Crossover
PO Box 6556
Kingwood, TX 77325-6556, USA

Telephone:  832.287.5057
Toll-Free: 877.898.1277