When Heaven Invades Earth


BY Bill Johnson

A commentary By Mitch Jerome                               

To quote Bill Johnson, “Religion is form without power.”  Bill’s book, When Heaven Invades Earth, makes one question the routine of America’s typical structured Sunday church service where the thought of heaven on earth is pushed into millennial  mode vs being a NOW time.  Bill exhorts the body of Messiah to rise up and participate NOW in the limitless possibilities of G-d’s manifestations wherever we sojourn.  “The kingdom of G-d is not a matter of talk but of power.” (1 Cor. 4:20)  Could we be ever encouraged by the truth that Yeshua though 100% G-d chose to live with the same limitations as a man would face once he was redeemed.  Yeshua himself said the “Son can do nothing;” (John 5:19) he had no supernatural capabilities whatsoever.  He performed miracles, wonders and signs, as a man in right relationship to G-d; not as G-d. Inferred is the assumption, the more we live in right relationship with G-d the more miracles, signs, wonders will manifest.  Bill poses the ultimate question: “How dependent on the Holy Spirit are we willing to live?”


 The people of this world are without hope because their lives of quiet desperation cry out for a sanctified touch from the great “I Am.”  An encounter that transforms; and they don’t see the church as the bastion for that touch.  How sad the religious structure can’t offer daily fresh transforming manna.  Maybe the old, stale manna works for the powerless body of Messiah but the generation Johnson represents needs fresh manna daily.  This new generation is soaking in His presence to hear and obey.  The world is a stage and every moment can be a moment where manifesting truth from the King above is the natural.  He is looking to and fro for this Elijah generation: turning the hearts of the sons to the father and the father to the sons. 

In Yeshua’ day the most learned men, Sadducees and Pharisees, missed the Messiah’s entrance.  These are the men who studied and debated Torah as a profession; and they failed their final exam!  Juxtapose that with the demonic realm of that day; they surely recognized the Messiah.  Remember the demon-possessed Gadarene who fell down before Messiah in worship and soon was set free from the tormenting spirit.  Also the demon-possessed fortune teller girl following Paul and Silas knew these miracles the apostles performed were of G-d and hers of a lowly spirit.   Isn’t it amazing that the demon world recognized Yeshua when the religious leaders didn’t.  I am a Messianic believer (Jewish believer) and see most of my people today still side with the religious leaders of old; they have “scales” on their eyes and only by the Spirit of G-d will they fall off.

Can the religious leaders of today stand like the Pharisees of the past and say that the crutches, needles, dope, booze, guns, hate, prostitution piled at the altars of Pensacola, Toronto and Argentina aren’t a move of G-d…of not G-d then who?  Satan came to kill, steal and destroy…he doesn’t fit the bill.  The Spirit filled believer is learning to bring Heaven to Earth as these modern revivals exemplify.

Bill takes us through biblical history where Kingdom authority was first established in the Garden with Adam.  But Satan diabolically got Adam & Eve to eat the forbidden fruit and thereby replaced their G-dly allegiance by pledging it to the evil one.  Sadly the modern day believer/church still operates from a weakened state of mistaken identity.  The believer has been sold a bill of damaged goods: “if it’s good, it can’t be for now.”  Meaning, why should the believer rise up and exercise faith when we know these are end of days and the church’s powerlessness is another sign of the times.  “This requires no faith,” says Bill and “we are often more convinced of our unworthiness than we are of His worth…our inability takes on greater focus than does His ability.” Ouch…that should be a sting to any believer.

Yeshua’ ministry was bringing Kingdom to earth.  Kingdom or King’s Domain implies authority and lordship.  Yeshua only worked through the Spirit of G-d and then the kingdom of G-d came upon someone in his deliverance.  Yeshua caused the two worlds of darkness and light to collide; and darkness always succumbs to the light. 

How do we take the anointing from the church walls into the world; by exercising faith, which equals taking risk. Taking risk usually doesn’t look pretty; and it may not be in an orderly manner…but its obedience overrides all the clutter occupying our minds.  “Faith is the currency of heaven.” It’s when man desperately calls upon G-d, He provides Kingdom principles that when embraced correct the problems.  “Faith grabs hold of the reality of the Kingdom and forcefully and violently brings it into a collision with this natural one.”  Bill point out that when he operates in faith, it oftentimes isn’t “great” faith but even so his “obedience” covers the lack. This encourages me to step out and obey and I believe I’ll be watching the heaven above manifest on earth.  The great Smith Wigglesworth stated, “If you want anything from G-d, you’ll have to pray into heaven.  That is where it all is.”  It’s time for us to own our Kingdom authority and claim this land for G-d. The Lord ’s Prayer states, “Your kingdom come your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”  Obviously heaven is the focus of our prayers; as His light comes to earth the darkness has to vanish.  The Kingdom of G-d is in the display of the power of G-d…through His dunamis imparted through the Holy Spirit outpouring.

An excellent point is what we’d call failure…when G-d doesn’t move and we stepped out.  Bill states, “He looks for the sick and tormented in order to pray for them…if they are healed I give G-d the praise…if they aren’t I still give G-d the praise and continue to look for more people to pray for.” He then says, “If a healing doesn’t take place, he will not offer some rationale so that those around can remain comfortable with the void.  He will not lower the standard of the bible to his level of personal experience.”  So it’s our turn to represent the Lord via the Spirit…to re-present Him to this world.

Step out…take risk…that’s faith in action…I’m in.

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