Israel - The Promised Land

Operation Protective Edge Prayer Points

idf pray
  • All tunnels to be exposed and destroyed
  • All booby-traps to be seen, exposed, and destroyed without hurting our troops
  • Exposure and destruction of all weapons arsenals
  • Protection for the innocent in Gaza
  • Divine protection for IDF troops, with no kidnappings: angelic protection for the believing soldiers, especially in and near the border of Gaza
  • Wisdom, strength, courage, and godly counsel for Prime Minister Netanyahu and all of Israel's leaders -- that they will make right decisions, in spite of intense international pressure and condemnation.
  • Pray for accurate, unbiased international media coverage [For up-to-date news from Israel and .]
  • Pray that Hizballah on  northern border does not enter into the conflict

We are praying and proclaiming Ps. 2; Ps. 46; Ps. 83; Ps. 91. 

Former Mayor of Shiloh in Houston Texas



In Genesis 12:3 The Lord spoke a prophetic word to Abram that has proven over centuries the faithfulness of His word to the faithful that will live by His Word.  He said to Abram, "I will bless those that bless you..."  I speak of the blessings that will overtake all of us when we bless Israel.

David Rubin

This past September we were given the awesome opportunity to be in the land with a company of fifty pilgrims to keep the Feast of Tabernacles.  What an experience!  We visited many sites, including the Shiloh Children's Center founded by Rabbi David Rubin.  City of Refuge GOM is honored to host David Rubin on March 30, 2014 and we are inviting you to come and hear the testimony of Rabbi Rubin of God's protection during an attack on him and his young son, and his work as Founder and Director of the Shiloh Children's Center.

This will be a grand opportunity for you to sow seed in fertile ground (Israel) into the lives and future of wounded children.  David Rubin is the author of several books in which he will bring and autograph for those that will purchase.  At COR we always look forward to the visit from the Holy Spirit during our worship service...come and experience Him with us 11am at Piney Point Elementary School 8921 Pagewood Lane Houston TX 77063 Tel. 281.341.7958

Pastor Gladys Seahorn

The Closing of the Tiberias Sound and Light Show

Next week I’ll end my streak of 20 years of avoiding the hotels of the Sea of Galilee’s most popular tourist city. I will miss, apparently, the Tiberium Light Show that once displayed three times each evening on the promenade along the Sea of Galilee. In the words of one website, “the Tiberium Light Show mixes two giant screens, dozens of s...


Weekend Roundup

The Rogueclassicist finds plenty to be suspicious of in the discovery of the “Apollo of Gaza” – Part I, Ia, and Ib.

Can the Jordan River Be Saved? National Geographic asks the question in light of the increased demands caused by the Syrian civil war.

Oded Golan has another ossuary that André Lemaire considers more significant than the James Ossuary.



Artifact of the Month: Tel Dan Stela

Artifact of the Month: Tel Dan Stela
(Posted by Michael J. Caba)
This inscribed basalt stone contains the oldest reference to King David outside of the Bible.*  Being roughly a foot tall, it was written in Aramaic in the mid 9th century BC and is known as the Tel Dan Stela.  The text actually refers to the "House of David," meaning his royal family. Found during excavations...

New Scrolls from the Dead Sea Area

In a presentation earlier this month at a conference on “The History of the Caves of Qumran,” Yonatan Adler reported the discovery of a group of phylacteries containing nine small manuscripts. These were discovered in Caves 4 and 5 in 1952 but only recently did Adler determine that they contained texts.

The discovery was reported in the Italian...


Oriental Institute 2014 Symposium

(Post by A.D. Riddle)
Beginning at 9am on Friday, March 7, and running through Sunday, the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago will be hosting its annual symposium. This year's topic is "The Early/Middle Bronze Age Transition in the Ancient Near East: Chronology, C14, and Climate Change." The symposium is free and open to the public; no...

Video Footage in Palestine from 1896

This " target="_blank">two-minute video filmed by the Lumière brothers shows footage of the Jerusalem railroad, Jaffa Gate, the Temple Mount, the Wailing Wall, and the inhabitants of Jerusalem. The film was recently recovered and published by Lobster Films.

HT: Ted Weis

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The American Colony and Eric Matson Collection

Picturesque Palestine, Sinai and...

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