Chronic Pain gone


Due to an accident while training, I have had chronic intermittent pain in my knee and back for 10 years. During the healing room session, all my pain left....


joyful knee movement

happy_knees 1

Days after prayer in the healing room I experienced a change in my condition. I have not been able to bend down without excruciating pain in my knee (with crying), and after receiving prayer and ministry in the healing room...I was able to bend down with no pain and I have experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit of which I have not felt since the accident...


The Radiating Heat of God



I came with a level 2 back,neck, muscle pain and tension. After prayer and ministry, the muscle tension and pain

is gone completely... I felt...


No more terror!


Three weeks ago a six year old was brought to the Healing Room by mom because he would have evil visitations at night... 


Walking in Health and Peace


I have been coming to the Healing Room over 2 years, seeking healing and guidance. I was always receiving the message of healing and forgiveness that was preached there.


Refreshed and Released


I had alot of hurt and anger in my mind. After my visit to the healing room...I feel released and refreshed of all anger and hurt.

Awelle Anthony


Pain & Anxiety Gone


My pain level was at about a 6 and I felt a great burden on my heart.  My anxiety level was very high worrying about finances.


From a 10 to zero in 15 minutes

lower back pain

For 19 years I've suffered from lower bak pain with a distress level of 10...after a visit to the healingroom, my pain completely left. I look forward to returning for another healing room session for another ailment that needs to be healed.


Billy Trekell

August 20, 2013








God Heals Eyesight

Anjanette has been attending the 2013 Healing Room Training.  The night before this video was recorded, someone with an eye injury was prayed for during the training as a demonstration of what happens in the Healing Room.

She previously had to wear contacts to read and God healed and restored her eyesight.  Even though she wasn't the person who was prayed for, she received the "overflow" when she came into agreement and received it.

Contending for Healing


I came to the Kingwood Healing Room for prayer for my prolapsed bladder.  After coming for prayer twice in the past month, my fallen bladder is better.  I have less pain and burning and the symptoms physically lessened.


Knee Healed

knee-healedA little over a year ago I came to the healing room for a terrible pain and swelling in my left knee and could not squat.  There was also grinding and popping in the joint.


Knee Pain Gone


I had been suffering from knee pain since being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis two years before.  During that time, I had been prescribed Prednisone in an effort to control it.  This caused other issues with my health, and I was still suffering from pain.  I was continually in and out of the doctors office and I was just tired of being sick.

When I came to the Healing Room, I was overwhelmed.  Not only with my physical ailments, but I was also dealing with several extremely stressful life situations.  I needed relief in all areas: physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


Neck Pain Gone

neck pain gone

Last Tuesday I had the opportunity to go to the Healing Room. The soaking room was very peaceful and as I sat under a prayer shawl, one of the prayer team prayed silently with her hand on my shoulder. I remember thinking how many little things are out of order in my life, and hoped I chose the one thing that most pained me. (my neck)

Not only was I hoarse, I had an ache in my neck from hours of sitting at a desk for 7 years, looking at a computer screen and typing.  When I came into the Healing Room, I told the prayer volunteers about my neck, and was helped by some very sound health advice (ergonomics). Also, I was told to 'drink aloe vera juice for your throat' (this actually came from someone in the soaking room who had felt impressed to bring a 10 year old magazine with her that night! The article was in the magazine, and later, she made me a copy for me to take home.) 


Persistent Sinus Infection Healed


An update from a seeker.

Hi Mitch, 

Thanks for returning my phone call, the reason for it had been taken care off already but it gave me a chance to report on my miracle healing. 

I had in mind to contact you anyhow with the good news when the manifestation was completed ,but the Word says: "they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony", so the testimony is valuable in that respect that it will speed up the manifestation.


Soothing Prayers


I was one of the prayer volunteers in the soaking room and felt that I was to go for prayer.  I had been dealing with nausea before and after meals for a couple of months.  No pain, but a distress leve of 5. 

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