Bill Cloud

bill-cloudBill Cloud was raised in a traditional Christian home in South Georgia. Yet, he has only been truly interested in his faith since the fall of 1988. After being born again, Bill immediately developed a hunger for the Word of God and in particular the Hebraic perspective of the Bible.

Shortly after his "born again" experience, Bill had the opportunity to visit Israel and participate in a celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles. It was during this time that God gave him a deep love for the land, the people and the language.


Sharon Kover Olanick

Sharon Kover Olanick is a sacred storyteller

Walter Kase

walter-kaseBorn in Poland in 1930, Walter Kase and his family were swept up in the events of the Holocaust in 1939 when they were given 15 minutes to leave their home and move into the Lodz ghetto.

During the war he endured forced labor camps and five concentration camps including Auschwitz, Mauthausen and Bergen-Belsen.

Mr. Kase will talk about his experiences and discuss the lasting impact of the Holocaust. Each year, Walter Kase speaks to thousands of people, passionately sharing his experiences and his hopes for our world.

Rabbi Dr. Richard Nichol

rabbi-richard-nicholRabbi Dr. Richard C. Nichol has served since 1981 as the Rabbi of Congregation Ruach Israel in Needham, MA. He is the Director of the Rabbinical Ordination Institute of the Messianic Jewish Theological Institute (MJTI) in Los Angeles, California. He is past President of the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations and former Vice President of the International Messianic Jewish Alliance (IMJA). He currently serves as President of the Messianic Jewish Rabbinical Council (MJRC).


Reuven Prager

reuvenpraegerReuven Prager is an authentic "Levite in service." He is an excellent source for biblical clothing, genuine tzitzit (with the blue string) and the "holy half-shekel."

Malcom Hedding

malcom-heddingMalcolm Hedding began his journey with Jesus, the Son of the living God, in 1966 when he was fourteen years of age. At that time, over the Easter period, he experienced a visitation of Jesus in the garden of his home situated within a gold-mining community near Johannesburg, South Africa. Being a stutterer from a very early age Jesus spoke to Malcolm audibly and using Isaiah 32:4 told Malcolm that in a few years He would revisit him, heal him of his speech impediment and send him out to preach all over the world.


Dr. Robert Cornuke

robert-cornukeRobert Cornuke – a former FBI trained police investigator and SWAT team member-is a Biblical investigator, international explorer, and author of eight books.


Peter Loth

peter-lothCalled by God to be an Evangelist and Forerunner for Jesus' return, Peter Loth's burden is to reach those who have been hurt – emotionally, spiritually, and physically – and to share God's love, His promises, and His healing. He is able to cross ethnic, racial, and denominational lines as he ministers, sharing the all-powerful , unconditional love of God for His people.


Bob Mendelsohn


Bob Mendelsohn is the leader of Jews for Jesus' work in Sydney, Australia. He grew up in an Orthodox Jewish family but became a college drop-out when he decided to look for the meaning of life in the counterculture of the '60s. He found meaning and relevance in Jesus which caused him much trouble at home. But he says, It was worth the cost."

Bob has worked for Jews for Jesus since 1979, and served as the leader of our work in New York City and Washington DC before moving to Sydney in 1998. Bob and his wife Patty both graduated from the University of Kansas and Fuller Seminary. The Mendelsohns live in Sydney with their three children, Nate, Jessica and Anne.

Stephen Missick

steven-missickStephen Andrew Missick is the author of The Words of Jesus in the Original Aramaic, Mary of Magdala and Treasures of the Language of Jesus. Reverend Missick graduated from Sam Houston State University. He attended seminary at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has traveled widely throughout the Middle East visiting the Aramaic speaking Christians of Syria and Iraq.

He has written articles on the history of the Assyrian Church for the Journal of Assyrian Academic Studies. He served with the United States Army in Operation Iraqi Freedom. He is the author and illustrator of The Hammer of God comic book.

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