A Download from Dad

High Time - A Download From Dad


It's high time for



high time to see


It's high time

for My Glory

and My children


around Me

I long

to wrap

you in My peace

long to garment you

in My praise

It's you

I'm searching for





Enthusiasm Becomes You


Joy is your gift

Enthusiasm becomes you

Faith flatters you

Happiness hails you

You are My Bride – My Beloved

I care for you with pleasure

You burden me not

Hail the God of Israel

Hail the King of Glory

For I come to you frequently

In the night

Do not pass Me by

Pay attention to My Callings

My whispers to your dearest heart

I have not forgotten nor forsaken you


I'm Here at a Moment's Notice


Heaven awaits your call..

Where have you been My son..

Come unto Me in every step you take

In every call you make



Watch the words of your mouth

They spread like wildfire deep into the inner core of my beloveds

Take note of the great abundance of blessing I have lavished upon you

Have I forgotten you?


Remember Me

Remember Me My son

In the waking moments of your every hour

I await your call

I’m here at a moments notice

at all times

Beyond Compare


Beloved, Join Me in The Secret Place

A Place of Joy beyond compare

A Place with no sorrow, pain or distress

A place ..a place of rest

Is there no one like Me

Am I not the Great Comforter and Healer

For you, your loved ones and all of mankind

Have you not studied the Greatness of Who I am?

Let it penetrate beyond your mind

and dive deep into your soul


Align Yourself


Align yourself My son to the Great I am

Forgive the unforgiven

calm the beseeched

minister My kindness to the mean-spirited

and watch Me transform those around you

You and Me together touching lives for eternity

A partnership made in Heaven My son...

Lean on Me and draw your strength from Me


Awaken the Sleeping Giants


Arise Man of God

Know and proclaim who I am in the midst of thee

In the midst of thee son

I am in the midst of thee


Alert the crowds

Alert the team

Alert the warriors


Beloved, My Fair


Beloved, My Fair

The Lord wants to take you out of there

Out of where you may say…


Into My Heart

Into deep communion

Out of chaos

Out of fear

Into resurrection power

Into glorified times in My Presence

Out of unbelief

Disenchantments and sorrow


Join Me


Sweet, sweet surrender I call to you

Pleased, pleased I am with you daughter

Joy, joy I have for you

Satisfy me with your sadness

Satisfy me with your stress

Know the distress is mine beloved

Give it to me

Relieve relive redress

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